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Toga or Less - Lifestyle Takeover SEA MOUNTAIN Hotel News, Views, and Hues Open Now
Sea Mountain Resort - Desert Hot Springs California
Last weekend St. Pats Blow out was a festive rave of Love with temps in the high 80s and all night dance and pool lust-with over 150 happy VIP guests - SMI turned away 50 couples so please remember to book early and keep your membership up as with membership we will always find an opening for you at Sea Mountain Resort and Spa

A special note to all the paparazzis and TMZ your not getting in to the magic of SMI - Sea Mountain protects with passion the privacy and identity of ALL our guests - Each Seamountaineer is SPECIAL and respected so just come and JOIN the fun!

This Weekend - If you want to flaunt it, come and Shake it - Rest - Retreat and Dream! Have a hat, have a lingerie piece, have NOTHING, have to toga???? Anything goes for the special nights and if you desire you can party in your toga (or NOT!) for our evening events - But it won't stay on long, so come for one of the most memorable and requested weeks at the sunny water world of Sea Mountain. It's your people and your event at Sea Mountain! Spartacus and Caligula never even had it this good!!

A Decca Dance unlike all else with world famous VIP Sexy DJs spinning and sinning - Special guest stars - Devilish behavior and the most sensual parties in the USA!

Day packages and world famous massages are still available for this off the hook event. Call now, don't miss out!

This week's SPA festivities - Come visit this week for the most amazing day or night in Southern California!

Call NOW - 760-251-4744
Come to the Taboo Garden Sea Mountain Nights at Sea Mountain and party 'til 3am - VIP Pass

Come for the day and enjoy the sun and stay til the small hours of the morning with music and SINsational fun for just
$139 for two people
Lunch and beverages included

This package is from 10:30am in the morning til 3am the next day - You may come and go as you please - There are also hotels within 30 seconds of the Sea Mountain for nights we are sold out for overnight stays.

You too can come just for the day
with food and magic beverages 10:30 to 5:30 every day
Just $99 for two people!

Single females only $39!
Entire VIP Day Packages
Don't forget to book your famous Sea Mountain massages for TWO as seen on Spa Wish best of Lists, just in Playboy and Best of Los Angeles!

The weather this weekend will hit 85 degrees most every day

Call Today - 760-251-4744 or 760-251-1230

Relax at the Sea Mountain California

Special Upcoming Events at the Sea Mountain Inn and Resort:

Every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday:
     Ultra Lounge Taboo Gardens Sunset Sexxxy Bliss

Every Wednesday and Thursday:
     The Whirlpool Collective: A Sensual Swirl At Dusk Each Night

March 23 - 28
Lingerie or Costume Bash and Lifestyle Takeover Pool Sensualis - Spring Break XXX for Adults Only

You think Cancun is wild over spring break?... Well, this is the erotica spring break for YOU! Sexy Lifestyle SDC and clubs and vip from across the globe looking for the most up scale and exclusive sun events -- You asked for it - The return of TOGA PARTY WEEKEND AT SMI - Romans and Hedo Fest!!!!!! A sensual toga or wrap -- or just a wrap with nothing underneath - For those not in the "toga toga mood", get NAKED or wear your pink lingerie... the theme's up to you!!! Huge Lifestyles elite events all week and weekend! Of course the Roman rage is in the dance club as we rock and dance all night long with special guest sexy DJs. Annual event. Togas not required, but come natural and get with the jungle themes and dance events!

April 1 - 6
SKIN Easter Rebirth - Beneath the SKIN at Sea Mountain Inn - DINAH SHORE WEEK TOO

Lifestyle - Skin Over California - It's coming sooner then you know -- Sea Mountain Up-scale SKIN with Dallas, Austin, San Diego and England - - Incredible welcome to all our Lesbian and BI Girls who are coming to stay and play during the infamous dinah shore weekend- Celebrate you sensuality without the distractions at Sea Mountain Spa Resort and Love boutique. Your favorite takeovers and sensual all week and all day all night party events - Get your glow sticks and rave and dance and rock and roll -- Already new friends have been booking from 12 states! Some special overseas Lovers -- Wear you special sexy shoes and wear red somewhere on your body for some special contests!!!an erotic up scale festival. DJ Contests. The world's greatest weather! Call for openings - 760-251-4744.

April 6 - 11
Cowgirls in the Sand and Fiesta

Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy SMI - Massive Event - Latina Pacific Rim and Texas style ho downs (excuse the Ho word) SDC gathering is rocking and almost sold out! OOO Baby --- all the sweet cowgirls and cowboys are saddling up for the annual "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" event -- Sexy couples coming from all over Texas and Seattle and of course our VIP'S from San Francisco with the world's greatest music -- looking to dress? Get your sexy sex hats and boots on for this incredible event.

April 12 - 19
Crazy PJs and the POOL - Danceteria Taboo Gardens Magic Event

With our special Guest stars from the Coachella music festival - One of the most intense weekends of the year as tens of thousands descend into the desert for one of the worlds largest music festival - Look for some very VIP peeps and the best music on earth pulsating through the pools and spas of Sea Mountain Inn Resort and Nude Spa Hotel. Presented with SDC the sexiest group on earth - This event is almost sold out, so come party with the most up-scale and classy humanoids on this planet and all other planets too!

April 21 - 26
Earth Day and the annual BURN - It's Wonderworld Burn Annual Special

Wonderworld style burning event of the hottest weather. A celebration of zen peace music and Green environment and Pink interiors... Inhale, as the Sea Mountain Resort and Spa burns all day and night with warm sunshine, hempy atmospherics, the world's best music, artists and the most eclectic mix of friends from over 7 countries descending on the most up-scale event in the USA.

April 27 - May 2
FETISHA - The Return!

Lifestyle groups hot Hot HOT! -- Its the fetisha events from mild to wild -- The only club where you can indulge in the fetisha you wish -- Either chill in passive zen with whirlpool parties all day, night pool parties and special guest stars - Look out for Lifestyle sexxymofo - SLS and Love voodoo -- This is where you can release your inner self -- Rooms are open at the hotel across the street - Saved for SMI for now. In a land such as Sea Mountain where anything goes, the mystery daze and nightz unfold beyond your dreams - One might ask how can anything go in a Land where every thing goes -- Breathe dear friends - for this magic week will tell you the story of love and passion, of Sun Dance Water and ZEN - New Friends, Old Friends or the quiet temptation of romance - Anything goes, the clothes, the fantasy, the safe environment of SMI Land -- Come quickly we are calling YOU

May 6 - 9
Cinco de Mayo Annual Celebrations

Latin fever and carnival unlike any in the world! Gracias - Si Si cali caliente - with music, beverages, some of our hottest fans and special celebrities from Miami and Brazil. The beautiful people come out to rock at Sea Mountain! This one has the return of DJ Ricca the Sensual DJ of Lust - Almost sold out!!! Dance, party and retreat with our fiesta celebrations of LOVE!

May 10 - 16
Save A Horse Ride A Cowgirl! Harley's and Honeys

Cowgirls, ravers and the ultimate lifstyle site SDC! - Mix them together and you have America - A melting pot of boots and spurs and love and peace rangers patrolling your melted hearts of lust - The collision rave and rage rock n rollas - Sexy people streaming in from Texas and Brazil Miami Australia Our bay area and Seattle friends to take over and party like none else add sun goddesses - A new event unlike all others -- Our Harley girls and boys are riding the bikes out for a special travel week - Zen, peace, love and granola too - Prizes for sexiest cowgirls! This event is almost sold out - A VIP event and dance party -- Comeondown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fetish and SUN and magic drinks - Fiesta too Viva Sea Mountain

May 19 - 23
Rave ROCK Trance Hot Springs Annual Event

The summer weather hits the world's most sensual hotel and club with special DJ events and Lingerie and Less - Magical food and drinks and a complete Lifestyle Takeover as seen on VH1 Television. Attendance limited ONLY to those on this VIP guest LIST!!

May 29 - 31
Memorial weekend

Over 120 couples each day in the celebration of the summer - Book now, book early - Open bar - Special lunches and dinners - Special guest star groups - This incredible event already has limited passes available. 760-251-4744

June 2 - 7
Hedo Wishes, Desire Kisses

The semi-annual lifestyle extravaganza with special guest stars of Jamaica and Cancun - Yah Mon, you been waiting Long time!!

June 8 - 15
SUMMER CAMP OPENS for Adults Only at Sea Mountain Spa Hotel Resort and Country Club

Bring back the gift of love and friendships of summer camp with bonds forged together with this outstanding extreme up-scale event - JUNE and 9 special $169 per couple per night with food and drinks for the first two nights of VIP splendor - New bookings only Camp code: SMI69 - A special Thank YOU

June 16 - 21

THE up-scale Couples takeover and SDC with special Sexxy ultra guests from over 18 countries coming down for the best spa in the USA XXX - 760-251-4744

July 1 - 6
Yes, It's the 4th of July Extreme Event!!

Details to follow - lunch, dinner, unlimited beverages, etc book now!

A Erotic Thanks to You from your friends at the Sea Mountain Inn

Sea Mountain Resort - Hot Water Special

(save $200 use code 9889P) The first time in history!
This Includes food and beverages all day afternoon, Breakfast for two and an overnight VIP hotel room at the sensual heated pool or the famous Taboo Gardens Thermal heated whirlpool! April 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 26th and 27th. The best offer Ever offered for our VIP net email and members. The most special experience - For members and those with a VIP code on this email only - NEW BOOKINGS ONLY! This offer is not retroactive. Book NOW!.

Nude Lux Takeover Special Coupon
Frisky Fridays Special Coupon
Sensual Sundays Special Coupon
Now Special Coupon
Massage of Love Special Coupon
Thursdaze of Love Special Coupon

Call Now! 760-251-4744 - Visit us at

Now just named:

New York Times best of the world
LA Magazine best of issue 2008 AND 2009
5 Stars by Hotels Portal Plus
MTV and VH1 Best of Celebrity Secrets
NPR Radio says: Luxury Fantasy Resort - One of the most unique positive experiences in California - Top 5 places in the world to get naked
FHM - Best of Los Angeles
CAB BE - Best of the USA
Elites guide 2010 - Best Boutique USA
MSN - Best Celebrity SPA in the USA
Google - Favorite Place awards 2009
City search - Highest rankings in California
Bed and Breakfast - Best of SPAS and Bed and Breakfast
World's Most Distinctive Inns - Five Star rating
Europe Sun Times - Couples VIP Best Of
What Magazine - Los Angeles best day trip
944 Magazine the celebrity Luxury hideaway for play
UK Times - Best bed and breakfast three years ratings
Allure - Best Spas
Tokyo Times - California's First adults only spa and clothing optional retreat not to be missed Spend the Day or Night
Hedonism Lifers - The only thing with the Jamaica / Hedo vibes in the USA
LA Weekly - The best place to retreat Nude
- Best sensual spa USA - Seattle Times

Your passport includes:
  • NUDE mineral water pools
  • Deluxe mineral whirlpool party 24/7
  • VIP Access to 24 hour Club Taboo Gardens
  • Rare cedar sauna
  • All day party and retreat in style!
  • Bottomless iced teas and coffees
  • Lunches and munchies all day
  • Unlimited beverages all day and Night
  • Win a $250 Sea Mountain Pass Already 2 lucky winners this month!





Call today: 1-760-251-4744 or 1-760-251-1230

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